No More ToTok! Secure chat outside control of Emerites government.

This is a completely anoymous and UNMONITORED and encrypted chat service to converse privately without government reading messages.

Sign up direct with your favorite jabber client. We recommend Pidgin.

Free XMPP server


All connections to the server are encrypted using only secure protocols and encryption algorithms.


The server uses stable software, all services have monitoring that informs about detected problems and failures. Guaranteed uptime at 99,95% per annum!

No Logs

No Service logs. EVER.


The server offers the latest innovations e.g. spam protection, MAM, HTTP File Upload. Is protected against DDoS attacks and has support for IPv6 protocol


The server has transports of most popular networks. By logging in to one account, you can chat with friends who use other networks. List of all available transports is here.


The server does not log IP addresses and any other sensitive data. You can encrypt all conversations without any problems by using OTR or OMEMO.

Contact Us

This server is free for everybody and there is no commercial background. Send questions to info at